Mercan Fishing Lines meets fishing line needs of amateur and professional anglers since 1995. Mercan provides service in its plant in Tekirdağ by manufacturing approximately 1.000.000 units per month since 1995.  Since its establishment Mercan follows technological advances closely and utilizes new innovations to give the best service to its local and international customers

With its qualified monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid lines Mercan tries to fulfill every kind of expectations of amateur and professional anglers for every kind of fish. Thanks to its experienced staff and in house test laboratory, Mercan examines the quality of its products in each level of manufacturing process.

Besides its own brand Mercan do OEM and enable its customers to decide suitable products for their own market.  Graphic designs, packaging and labeling system is composed carefully according to customers’ need and expectation.

Mercan meets with its current and potential customers with its attendance to the exhibitions such as Efttex 2010 (Spain-Valencia), Efttex 2011 ( Amsterdam- The Netherlands), ANSPO 2010 (Kassel- Germany), China Fish 2011-2012 (Beijing-China).

Mercan is the first and only company which is member of EFTTA. Its product has been awarded in Best Product Showcase in China Fish 2011

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